• Another type of University exists

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  • Tiimiakatemia & Team Academy

    Two different expressions of a singular passion

    Tiimiakatemia - Finlandia

    The original expression

    Tiimiakatemia is the first university in the world to be entirely based on Team Learning. It was founded in 1989 in Jyväskylä, Finland.


    Tiimiakatemia is part of JAMK University of Applied Sciences.


    Tiimiakatema is fully grounded in the learning by doing philosophy and offers a graduate degree (BA in Business).



    Team Academy - Holanda

    The global expression

    Team Academy is the implementation of Tiimiakatemia in Holland. It is focused on Global Business.


    Team Academy is a fully certified independent university.


    Team Academy offers a programme similar to that offered in Finland, with an officially recognized European graduate degree that can be completed locally.



  • Implementing TA

    We belong to the TA Global Network. We represent Team Academy in Argentina & Uruguay.


    Fall in Love

    Visit one or several of the Team Academy sites. Immerse yourself in the experience in order to fully comprehend it.



    Adapt the global model
    to your local ideas
    and requirements.
    Plan to grow.


    Put it in practice

    Put together a team.
    Start operations.
    Manage the day to day.
    Connect to the global network.



    Observe, learn and
    transform the original idea
    in order to adapt to
    emerging needs.

  • Detailed information

    If you are part of a University, share our passion and would like to open a Team Academy Unit or implement Team Academy from the ground up, start to learn how through our presentation below. =)